How to quickly understand the pneumatic components industry? ?


1 Status of the pneumatic industry
1.1 The economic operation is in good shape and the production and operation are steadily rising.
China's pneumatic industry has improved its business management through product structure adjustment. Since the late 1990s, it has maintained a good economic performance and production has grown steadily and continuously. In recent years, the growth of sales revenue in the pneumatic industry is shown in the figure.
According to the statistics of 55 major enterprises in the pneumatic industry in 2002 by the China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, the completion of various economic indicators is shown in the table below.
1.2 The application field of pneumatic technology is gradually expanding, and new products are constantly emerging.
The development of domestic pneumatic components has experienced three stages of joint design, technology introduction and independent development. In recent years, according to market demand, many new products have been developed. The general pneumatic components are: elliptical cylinder cylinder, parallel double cylinder, multi-stage telescopic cylinder, new gas-liquid damping cylinder, energy-saving booster cylinder, vibrating cylinder, new clamp Tight cylinders, gas-controlled pilot pressure reducing valves, etc.; special-purpose pneumatic components include: automobile exhaust gas purification system, environmentally-friendly automobile gas system, electric locomotive pantograph lifting air control system, automobile brake pneumatic control solenoid valve, high-speed train grease spraying Solenoid valve, high-frequency solenoid valve for textile and printing, special cylinder for railway switch, special cylinder for oil and gas pipeline valve, special cylinder for aluminum and magnesium industry, special cylinder for woodworking machinery, color cement tile gas control production line, etc. The development and application of these products have expanded the application fields of pneumatic products and brought good economic benefits to enterprises.
New products are developing to high-tech, such as high-frequency solenoid valves, operating frequency is 10~30Hz, up to 40Hz, durability? 300 million times, close to international level; development of gas-electric converter, to achieve gas-electric feedback control It laid the foundation and raised the pneumatic technology to a new level.
In the development of new products, new technologies, new materials and new processes are being used more and more, such as the application of industrial ceramics on gas valves, which greatly improves the technical performance, reliability and service life of the valves.
1.3 The level of technical equipment and product quality of enterprises has generally improved
According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, more than 40 member units of the Pneumatic Professional Branch have carried out various degrees of technical transformation, improved the equipment level, and advanced equipment such as CNC machine tools have been popularized.
Establishing a quality assurance system is the focus of improving corporate management in recent years. Most of the member companies have passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification. The intrinsic quality and appearance quality of many domestic pneumatic components are close to foreign standards.
In terms of standards, in 2003, the Standardization Committee Pneumatic Subcommittee reported six national standard development plans, two of which were approved by the National Standardization Administration. The Pneumatic Subcommittee also actively participated in the work of the ISO International Standards Organization. In the past two years, it has translated, reviewed and voted on five draft international standards, and also carried out all pneumatic, related industry, national and international standards. Clean up and publish the current effective standard catalogue, which helps companies to implement standards and transform to international standards.
1.4 Enterprise restructuring has added vitality, and private enterprises are growing
Statistics show that enterprises in the industry converted from state-owned enterprises to joint-stock companies have undergone a period of reform and adjustment, and most of them have added new vitality. In 2002, output value, industrial added value, sales revenue and profits were compared with the same period of last year. There has been a substantial increase.
In recent years, foreign-funded enterprises have grown rapidly, and their scale, output value, sales, profits, and technical level have played an increasingly important leading role in the industry.
1.5 Enterprise reform is gradually deepened and management level is further improved
In the fierce market competition, enterprises have re-examined the market positioning and made great progress in adjusting product structure, improving process flow, and strengthening cost management. Some enterprises have strengthened material procurement and collaborative processing management, and implemented target cost management, which is conducive to quality assurance and cost reduction. Some companies have begun to implement ERP management.
2 Industry development situation outlook
2.1 The industry structure will be significantly adjusted
After Japan's SMC Company invested 300 million US dollars to build a factory, Taiwan Yadeke Company first invested 50 million yuan to build a pneumatic component production plant in the mainland, and will further expand. The development of this trend has made it possible for China to gradually become one of the processing bases for pneumatic components in the world. Under the guidance of the country's policy of expanding its opening up to the outside world, it will accelerate the attraction of foreign investment, and at the same time bring in a variety of highly automated production equipment, which will promote the development of the domestic pneumatic market, and will attract more foreign pneumatic companies to invest in China. Form a virtuous circle.
The increase in foreign-funded enterprises will bring about major adjustments in the industry structure. Some existing small enterprises will develop into enterprises with certain strength, products have characteristics, occupying a number of market territories; some enterprises have been reorganized to become large and medium-sized enterprises to provide supporting parts and components processing plants; supporting parts production plants will become the industry In a strong team, the degree of specialization will be higher, such as coils, piston rods, cylinders, pistons, end caps, cylinder mounting parts, rod end joints, spools, valve bodies, filter elements, housings, springs, diaphragms. All of them will achieve professional production, high quality and low price, and broad export prospects. Some companies will also switch to production or be eliminated in the market competition.
The adjustment of the industrial structure will inevitably bring about sustained economic development. It is estimated that by 2010, the output value of pneumatic products (including foreign-funded enterprises) in mainland China will reach 5 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 15%.
2.2 The performance and quality of domestic components are further improved
Most of the newly developed products of pneumatic components have a high level. It shows the improvement of technical talents and process equipment in the industry, laying a foundation for future product development. With the development of national industrialization and automation, in the next few years, with the support of the state, powerful enterprises will gradually develop new products that adapt to the development of pneumatic technology, such as gas and electromechanical integration products and systems, fast response, high life pneumatic Components, large flow membrane precision filters, integrated valves with advanced wiring technology, combined components with sensors and logic loops, and products that fully utilize air pressure characteristics.
With the improvement of the technical level of calendering, drawing, casting, machining, cleaning deburring, assembly and testing, the appearance and internal quality of pneumatic components will continue to increase. Industrial ceramics, high-performance soft magnets, and new plastic packaging materials have been used in new products. In the future, the application of new materials will increase, which will further improve the performance, quality and reliability of domestic solenoid valves and other components. It is estimated that after 5 years, the speed of use of domestic cylinders can be increased to 1.5~2 m/s, and the commutation frequency of valves is increased by 1~1.5 times. The air source processing components and air valves increase the flow rate under the premise that the external dimensions change little. Times.
2.3 Rapid growth in product exports and further improvement in economic benefits
In 2003, domestically produced pneumatic components first participated in international exhibitions abroad, which was well received by foreign manufacturers. Some domestically produced components have initially met the conditions for bulk export, and have great advantages in terms of price. Exports are expected to increase substantially in the future. It is estimated that after 5 years, the export value of domestic components (excluding foreign-funded enterprises) will increase from the current 0.33 billion yuan to about 100 million yuan, with an annual growth rate of about 25%.
With the improvement of the enterprise management system, the improvement of the professional production level and the continuous improvement of the market order, the economic benefits of the industry will gradually increase.
In short, pneumatic components have good prospects for development as convenient and inexpensive automation components. Pneumatic products not only have a large market in traditional fields such as electromechanical, textile, and home appliances, but also have broad development space in emerging industries such as information technology industry, biological products industry, and micro-nano processing. Down-to-earth, looking to the future, through the joint efforts of the industry, China's pneumatic industry will certainly be able to enter a new world.
Due to the impact of the financial crisis in previous years, the rise in wages of workers and the difficulty of recruitment due to structural imbalances in employment will positively promote the development of the pneumatic industry!

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